Historical Jamestowne-NPS
Historical Jamestowne-NPS
The Park
Historic Jamestowne, co-administered by the National Park Service and Preservation Virginia, is one of the five historical attractions. Tourists venture onto Jamestown Island, home of the archaeological dig and Archaearium museum as well as a visitor center, fort, and a glass-blowing house which is amazing to see. Their main objective is preserving the birthplace of America in the first succesful permanent English settlement. They have recovered millions of artifacts from the seventeenth century and they have two buildings filled with amazing discoveries from that time. They also have two high-tech exhibits which are in the Archaearium. The first one shows you a facial reconstruction of a skeleton of one of the original settlers and the other is a video view finder depicting the buildings and the old fort as they would have stood four hundred years ago in full living and working order. In addition, be sure to stop into the 2nd Street Bistro CafĂ© at the Dale House for a terrific lunch or early dinner. You will not be disappointed. 
The Dale House
The 2nd Street Bistro has two cafes that compliment your experience at Jamestown. The Dale Cafe at the Colonial National Historical Park at Historic Jamestown and the Cafe at the Jamestown Settlement The prices are right in line for attraction cafes, bu 

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