Jamestown Settlement-VA
Jamestown Settlement-VA

Jamestown Settlement is run by the state of Virginia and it is not to be confused with Historical Jamestown that is ran by the National Park Service. To really get the whole experience of the historic triangle and to see the 5 locations we would recommend the Historic Triangle Pass which is purchased at the Williamsburg Visitor Center. Also, if you would like to have the other seasonal amusement attractions then we recommend the Flex Pass. There is free shuttle service on the half hour to the Jamestown Attractions. The focus is on three groups, the English, the Indians and the Slaves. They have many indoor and outdoor exhibits ranging from a recreation of Jamestown Fort, an Indian Village, the three main ships that traveled back and forth from England to Jamestown, many educational videos and a large collection of interactive exhibits. This is a very nice experience for families of all ages and is worth the trip. We also recommend for lunch or early dinner, their cafe which is ran by the 2nd Street Bistr0 - a great place to eat at. 
Jamestowne Settlement Café
The 2nd Street Bistro has two cafes that compliment your experience at Jamestown. The Dale Cafe at the Colonial National Historical Park at Historic Jamestown and the Cafe at the Jamestown Settlement The prices are right in line for attraction cafes, bu 

Jamestown, VA
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